We are FAIR: Families Against Inequitable Rates imposed on us by BRMEMC


Who Will This Change Affect?


   BRMEMC will affect  almost 23,000 members:

  • members with fixed incomes, 
  • members who use solar energy, 
  • members who work two jobs in order to make ends meet, 
  • single parent families, 
  • members who cut back on their energy usage because they can't afford new energy efficient equipment, and
  • members who still pay their monthly customer charge even when they are not in their homes.

You may very well be affected!

Or , you may have  already been affected by BRMEMC in other ways -regardless of the rate restructuring.

Come talk to us and tell us about it.

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What Is Going On?

 Blue Ridge Mountain Electric is changing its pricing structure.  

 Do you know the details?  

It's called "revenue neutral" because it's not going to increase their money, but it may very well increase your bill! 


BRMEMC  is increasing its customer charge by about $1.54 per month while decreasing the electric charge slightly. The average member who uses about 980 kWh a month will see no change in their bill. 

So what is the problem?


The problem is that about 23,000 members who use less than 980 kWh a month will see their bills go up! Anyone using more electric will pay less!

Almost 23,000 low energy members will subsidize 

large energy consumers and businesses.

That's wrong!

But that's not all.  Many co-op members are talking about concerns they have with  BRMEMC's transparency, difficulties in attending board meetings, problems with their bills as well as other issues.

Whatever your concerns are, come join us.

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Who We Are -

We are FAIR!  

Families Against Inequitable Rates.

We are a coalition of BRMEMC co-op members .

What We Believe

We believe that BRMEMC's pricing structure is discriminatory and creates disparate treatment of members in the same class. BRMEMC is pitting its residential members against each other. 

Commercial customers are not affected at all. 

BRMEMC has to be transparent and responsive to its members.

We believe that BRMEMC has not been fair!

We are FAIR

What We Are Doing

We are an action group  

helping all members 

with their concerns about BRMEMC

 and providing a way to make changes.


We are FAIR!

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One thing you can do right now to affect change is to sign our online petitions:

** https://www.change.org/p/blue-ridge-mountain-electric-membership-corporation-blue-ridge-mountain-emc-s-new-pricing-structure-is-unfair

** https://www.change.org/p/blue-ridge-mountain-electric-emc-blue-ridge-mountain-emc-won-t-release-its-cost-of-service-study-why 


** Drop us a line! Tell us how you're affected or what your concerns are. ** We'll keep you posted on meeting information.

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Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is not being fair.

We are - FAIR