********* The BRMEMC 2019 ANNUAL MEETING **********

Our take on it:




The annual meeting was held on Thursday, September 26, 2019  on BRMEMC's parking lot, 875 Main Street, Young Harris, Georgia 30582.


Only 50 to 60 people showed up. 

Compared to years past, this was a dismal failure.

Usually 200 to 300 people would show up.


There were approximately 11 of us .

We are proud to say that we were about 20% of all the people who showed up.



· Holding the annual meeting on a weekday hurt attendance by not allowing working people and families to be available to attend

· Move the meeting back to Saturday. Let's see if more people will attend on a Saturday as they have in the past.

· Possibly consider if attendance does not move back up next year when held on a Saturday, instituting door prizes again and reconsidering another venue other than holding it at BRMEMC.



 Last year, the annual meeting cost over $100k. 

This year the budget was about $56k.  

Allegedly  the meeting came in under budget. 

Considering it was held at BRMEMC and there was no overtime, no entertainment, no food (other than popcorn and soft drinks), low-cost "door prizes" – we'd like to see line item expenditures to compare last year and this year! 

What did the Union County Performing Arts Center cost last year? What were the overtime costs last year? How much was spent on entertainment, food, and door prizes last year?  

What was the budgeted $56k spent this year?  

Could BRMEMC have spent $56k on folding chairs, a sound system, a videographer, reimbursement for emergency services, an over-sized American flag, a popcorn maker and soft drinks?  

Kind of difficult to believe! 

And if this was so, then BRMEMC then spent about $1,000 on each member who attended.


We think we would have preferred to have had the money instead.