Our Next FAIR MEETING will be in January. DAY and time tba.


Meetings are generally held at the  Mountain Regional  Library in  Young Harris

Still on the agenda:

· Non-Attendance by Board Members:  

Mr. Nelms and Mr. Cook indicated they will not be at our  November meeting which we held on a Saturday to allow for more attendance by members.  We were willing to give up our Saturdays , so what's up with the board that they were not willing to put themselves out?  Also please see our analysis of the annual meeting.  Click on the tab at the top of this page marked "BRMEMC Annual Meeting".  Where we go from here?

· Monthly Board Meeting issues: 

Although our initial thought was to request the board lower the number of days needed to speak at a meeting from 5 days to 48 hours, we now believe that the board meeting should be open to the public without having to apply to attend or apply to speak at all.  It should be no different than going to a school board meeting or your local government/council meeting.  It should be open to the public – and members should be able to sign up to speak when they arrive at the meeting.  

The public section of the meeting should be held in a larger room at BRMEMC to accommodate every member that shows up.  The board should not limit the number of members that can attend the meeting.  The board should respond in writing to member's comments – not just a "thank you for showing up" note from Mr. Nelms.  There should be an open board discussion  at the subsequent meeting to follow up on and resolve member's concerns brought to the board from the previous meeting.

In addition, there should be a waiting room for members prior to the start of the board meeting 

 – so that members are comfortable and out of the weather.  Members should have comfortable seating at board meetings. There should not be no restrictions at board meetings as to being able to take pictures or record proceedings as these are public meetings.

· Pressuring the Board to move the Annual Meeting  back to Saturday


· Continue to build membership by contacting as many civic and social groups in all five counties.

· Continue strategizing on how to stop BRMEMC from raising customer fees and moving maintenance costs from high-end users to low end users.

· Other items from the floor.

*****   UPDATE:  An Opinion    ******   

We  invited Mr. Nelms,  General Manager,  and the BRMEMC Board to attend our November meeting.  None of them could take the time to meet with us.  Nor did they offer an alternative date and time to meet.

What's up with that?  

They say that they want to be responsive to the membership, but they don't act that way.

They say that BRMEMC is transparent.  It certainly doesn't look that way.

They wanted to meet with us before the Annual Meeting  - so they could diffuse us  and hope we wouldn't attend.  But we did attend.  And we continue to take public actions and bring the issues before our different communities.  We have not gone away – and we will not go away.

So what are they afraid of?