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Let us know your concerns and issues. 

Pricing structure changes are only one of our concerns.

We are calling and emailing BRMEMC Board Members. 

We are calling and emailing BRMEMC General Manager.

We are telling them what our issues and concerns are.

We are calling and emailing local civic leaders.

We are calling and emailing the TVA.

We are calling and emailing the local newspapers and media outlets.

We are telling them that BRMEMC needs to be transparent and equitable.

We will help you with what to say and what to write if you are uncomfortable doing this. We understand not everybody knows what to do when it comes to these kinds of things. But we're in this together. And we will help each other.  We will send you information on how to do this - what to write and what to say. 

We are attending BRMEMC monthly board meetings.

We are having regular meetings to share information and discuss appropriate actions.

We are developing plans for changes that need to be taking place with Blue Ridge Mountain Electric.

We want the following:

· stop inequitable rate structures

· any increases in customer charges should be offset by credits to electrical charges – which would make a true "revenue neutral" policy

· all member classes should contribute in a fair and equitable manner. Businesses need to contribute proportionally based on the amount of energy that they utilize and for the level of infrastructure maintenance required to provide them with that service

· all board meetings should be  easily open to  the public. They have listened! Some changes have been made,  but more is still needed.

· all reports and audits  should be made public 

· the most recent consultant's report should be made public – and co-op members should be made aware of why it did not go out for bid, how much the co-op paid for this report, why the report was ordered to begin with, and that  policy should be developed to ensure that request for proposals go out for reports of this nature ,and that co-op members be advised and provided input into expenditures of this type

· BRMEMC board members should respond to member's input at each  board meeting

· ad hoc committees should be developed to address co-op  member's  suggestions,  and  written reports and responses provided

· BRMEMC should hold routine public meetings in each of the five counties to report on and address local issues

· BRMEMC needs to move quickly to become more transparent and responsive to co-op members requests and needs

· BRMEMC needs to evaluate returning portions of the co-op's profit or excess margins to its members as many other co-ops do.

· Annual independent audits need to be considered

· More items to follow...

Do you want to take part in this important process?

Do you have concerns about Blue Ridge Mountain Electric?

Leaving aside the past – and any feelings that you may have about the grandiose expense of the building and facility that Blue Ridge Mountain Electric has erected – all that is now in the past and cannot be undone The general manager from that period has been let go, all new board members have been elected, and allegedly the board member that ran up allegedly $100K plus in unpaid electric bills has repaid all but $18K  (which BRMEMC believes is too costly to  now attempt to collect the remaining amount) -  LEAVING ALL THIS ASIDE:

Now is the time to take back the co-op. 

Now is the time to set it back on the right track.

Now is your time to get involved and be a part of getting it right. 

Let's make it FAIR for all members.

Sign up today to help take action.

Join the  member's coalition.

We're  FAIR!  


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Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is not being fair.

We are - FAIR